The recipe for the orange tiramisu log

For some, this is mandatory. As the fir tree of the forests, like a star in Galilee, the log finished the Christmas meal. It’s like that, it’s the magic of Christmas. For others, it is the punishment, the excess, “but you want to eat us after or well!”

But since you are not there by chance best kitchenaid mixer attachments, I think you are more of the kind to celebrate Christmas as it should: with panache and gluttony! So here is a log tiramisu orange version, chocolate icing and candied orange peel … And if after that someone makes you a reflection, send it to me, I take care of it personally. A YEAR ! It’s been just a year that this blog exists and tries (almost) every week to make you drool of pleasure!

A year that I concoct you of small treats, big cakes, good snacks, chocolates, macarons, … One year that I dive into my recipes, in your recipes, in the books, in your top 5 must have gadgets for kitchen blogs, in Your comments and your mails … “In short, I became a culinary blogger” as the other would say, and I hope that this happiness that sticks to the finger will still last a long time! In the series “revisit our Christmas classics” (the log arrives but I promise nothing for the chestnuts): the CHOCOLATES. “No, I want Papy Jean’s compote! The one with real apples in it!”

And here, the children are cruel … Fair but cruel … Nothing to do. The super compote to drink from the Biocoop I can sit on (but slowly). My daughter wants her grandfather’s apple-banana compote. You know what it is, I’m supposed to know how to do everything, so I got the recipe.

And as I love you and my daughter was right, I give it to you! A new version of the famous meringue lemon tart. I feel that I have finally found the right balance between sweet and tangy, a smooth texture and not liquid for lemon cream and especially: totally organic! Treat yourself to this pastry classic that always works on your guests’ table. It is in a month, on December 13 exactly, that my blog will celebrate its first year of existence!

First of all I wanted to thank you, faithful reader, or reader of passage, for your curiosity, your indulgence and … for your gluttony.

Then thank the bloggers and bloggers who support me from the beginning. Most have even agreed to sponsor this event.

To celebrate this wonderful first year, I offer my gift breville je98xl juice fountain plus 850 watt juice extractor tour in the form of a great Facebook game. To participate in the festivities nothing is simpler: you just have to register, there, in the great draw that will take place on December 13, 2011 to try to win these prizes greedy! “Never make love on Saturday night, because if it rains on Sunday, you will not know what to do,” said Sacha Guitry.