I propose you my duet of macaroons for dessert

Although I do not doubt for a second the experience of this man of spirit, I wanted to clarify that there was another alternative to the sullen days: chocolate char broil – made in USA. Chocolate is an antidepressant. Some of its components have a euphoric effect, create a state of wellness and a better resistance to pain. It is a powerful protector of oxidative damage (aging). It helps eliminate cholesterol and prevents arthrosclerosis.So what better way than this easy and succulent recipe of sweet little black chocolate that will reconcile you with the rainy Sundays? And then it is not incompatible with the rest, it would know . So, yes, I know, it’s been a week that we eat without stopping. But it is also the week when Tata Jacqueline arrives for coffee. And what better than small meringues smooth and well white, crunchy at will and melting under the palate …I’m tempting you? It’s bad ? I am here for this ! One of my simplest but nevertheless very effective recipes. This year, it’s decided, I play the originality, I make a log for Christmas. But an ice cream is seasonal and then it’s lighter. And vanilla and chocolate because … I want.

I therefore freely inspired a recipe found on the superb kitchen-campagne.com to make this log with vanilla ice cream, meringue and coated with chocolate chantilly. The ultimate advantage of this recipe, it can be prepared well in advance. And that’s very practical. Since the holidays are approaching dangerously and you have to find the menu, I propose you my duet of macaroons for dessert broil gas grill (Char – 2 burners for use). I have a small order of 300 macarons for Christmas, so I take the opportunity to review my classics with you! The principle: dark chocolate-white chocolate ganache shells and normal (white) -gold chocolate black hulls. Simple, but it works well at visual level … and taste. Let’s start with the basic recipe of macaroons that you find in the right column …You can divide all the proportions by two to make 30 macarons each or make twice the recipe to get 120 in all!

I go on 120 knowing that it is easier to make macaroons in these proportions there and that I know you will know what to do with it. The macarons … First “real” recipe of pastry to which I harnessed.Two years now I explore all the facets of this complex and enigmatic alchemy.Simply put, two large families: macaroons made with French meringue (the powdered sugar is mixed directly with the whites in snow) and those made with the Italian meringue (the sugar is first cooked and then poured onto the whites which Up). I ended up preferring those to Italian.

Better taste, a little harder to master, but admit that this is what you like too ..Know that if this is your first time you have to arm yourself with patience, be precise (all in this recipe) and above all DO NOT DESPERATE !!! The missed hulls were the snack of my children for a very top rated grills long time.If you’ve already tried this experiment and looked for other tracks, I hope this version will be for you, as it has become for me, THE BEST.