Black chocolate macaroons tonka bean

Francois, my friend, came to my home with his arms loaded with stuff that is only found in the capital and that when there’s more, it’s missing … Between the juice of aloe vera (with pieces! ) And miso soups, there was a tonka bean jar. And it’s been a long time since I wanted to try this.

So I pulled out my kilo of chocolate Valrhona 61% of cocoa, my tonka bean grater and I even offered myself the luxury of modifying a little my base recipe of macaroons buy this wine fridge 12 bottle. Specialty pastry lorraine, invented by Madeleine Paulmier in 1769, consecrated by Proust and sung by Brel, the madeleine remains THE easy taste and which throws a little, especially when we take the time to prepare well in advance (which is Rarely the case, I agree) and that they decorate them with love and chocolate.

Inevitably, a good shell well meringuée and a ganache in paste speculoos, it works very well … You start to know me: no chemical dyes in my macaroons, my lemons are pesticide-free and my apples have not taken the plane. So when I stroll (singing lalala) in my organic shop, I buy stuff I’ve never cooked, to see … Almond puree. A beautiful jar that made envy. But when I arrived at home I wondered what I was going to be able to do (of the purée not of the jar). I found, on the beautiful blog of Clé , a delicious recipe of “lemon cake almond to fall on the ground”. I tested, and I confirm … Ouch. To celebrate together this year that begins, I propose you to choose a gift!

Discover the price comparator and choose HERE the appliance you absolutely want to have in your kitchen ( attention, maximum 60 € ). Leave your choice in a comment at the bottom of this post and I will draw a winner next Sunday. Is not that nice? The canelé is a small cake, specialty of Bordeaux, soft and tender, traditionally scented with rum and vanilla, and covered with a fine crust caramelized. It is also known as a fluted cane, a canelet, a canelet, a millas-canelet, a millason and is perhaps also the canalele (or canaula or canaulet) that was consumed in the seventeenth century in Bordeaux. The name comes from the gascon canelat which means groove.

No rum for this version without alcohol but orange flower water. A less traditional but more subtle fragrance for this inattentive recipe if you respect the waiting time of the dough (at least 12 hours) and if you watch your canals at the end of cooking! Of course I could have made truffles  wine cooling unit reviews but that’s cheated! So I tried the real chocolates, crunchy shell and scented ganache, and it’s not that complicated, especially with the silicone molds. Ready to fetch it at meme the evening of the New Year? GO!